(P) Produced (CP) Co-Produced  (E) Engineered  (M) Mixed   *Award Winning*

Albums / Singles

Najo Scar – Search The World (CP/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Vuyina – I Know & Let You Be You (P/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Bonfire Buffalo – Back In School EP (P/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Ruby Gill – Older (P/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Reason X Jägermeister Brass Cartel – Do It Like I Can (P/E/M) Darryl Torr & Greg Carlin)
Rubber Duc – The Secret Sunrise (P/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Ruby Gill – Fault/Missing In Japan (P/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
PurpleCry – Odyssey (P/E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Simpl3 Stori3s – Simplify EP (E/M) (Greg Carlin)
Diamond Thug – Monday Will Have To Wait (P/E/M – “Beauty Through The Devil’s Door” + “Miami”) (Darryl Torr)
Al Bairre – Tunnels Single (P/E/M) (Darryl Torr)
Zebra & Giraffe – Collected Memories (P/E/M) *SAMA – Best Rock & MAMA – Best Alternative* (Darryl Torr)
Zebra & Giraffe – The Inside (P/E) (Darryl Torr)
Zebra & Giraffe – The Wisest Ones (P/E) *SAMA – Best Rock* (Darryl Torr)
Zebra & Giraffe – Knuckles (CP/E) (Darryl Torr)
Jesse Clegg (P/E/M) (Darryl Torr)
Frankie Fire (P/E/M) (Darryl Torr)
Neo Revolt
Go Barefoot
Gangs of Ballet – Yes / No / Gray (P/E) *SAMA – Best Producer* (Darryl Torr)
Shortstraw (P/E/M)
Gil Hockman (M)
Prime Circle
The Parlotones
Ashtray Electric
Dear Reader (CP/E/M) *SAMA*
The Sick Leaves (P/E)
Wonderboom (P/E/M)
Soweto Gospel Choir (E) *Grammy Award*
Harris Tweed (P/E/M) *SAMA*
Freshly Ground (P/E/M)
Mad Love (P/E/M)
Voodoo child (P/E/M)
Louise carver (E)
Skylight (P/E/M)
Die Tuindwergies (P/E/M)
Zondernaam (P/E/M)
Mr Cat and the Jackal (M/E)

Live Mix for Radio Broadcast;

Joss Stone (M)
Civil Twilight (M)
Imogen heap (M)
Razorlight (M)
Dear Reader (M)
Stained (M)
Ok Go! (M)
Seether (M)

Live Broadcast Streams;

Fokofpolisiekar Live DVD (M/P)
Oppikoppi 2012, ’13, ’14 ’15 Live (M/P)
Rocking The Daisies ’12, ’13 Live (M/P)
Zebra & Giraffe “The Wisest Ones” Live (M/P)
Crash Car Burn Acoustic Live (M/P)
Synergy Festival 2012 Live (M/P)
RAMfest 2013 Live (M/P)
MK Awards ’13, ’14 (M/P)
Red Bull King of the Air 2014 (M/P)
Up The Creek 2014 (M/P)
Jacaranda Day 2014 (M/P)

Final Mix & VO’s;

Roger Ballen – Asylum of The Birds *Bronze Loerie*
Roger Ballen – The Outland
Namibia Music Awards 2014
Pantomime 2013/2014
Red Bull Base Camp 2013
Mzanzi Movies 2014
Love Games 2013
MK Flits
MK Tag
Toyota Advert
Kry Jou Daar
Nickelodean Promo’s

On-Location Sound;

Food, Booze, Tattoo’s
South Streets Season 1
Love Games Season 1-4 *Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards*
Sing It Advert
FNB Conference
Borstal Advert
Vat Die Rap


Jägermeister Brass Cartel – production, facilitation and creative direction

MK Studio1: Live TV Broadcast every Thursday on MK, DSTV Channel 324 from the MNet studios as well as pre-recorded once a month from Openroom Productions. Some of the performances have included acts such as:

Shadow Club
Tasha Baxter
Civil Twilight
Band of Skulls
Jax Panik
Van Coke Kartel
Crash Car Burn
Farryl Purkiss
Zebra & Giraffe
Gangs of Ballet