Gone are the days when record companies had the budget and employees to develop and work with artists the way they need to be! In todays music landscape, artists are expected to build a following, record demos, craft an image and define a sound all on their own! Labels actually look for bands who meet these criteria before considering a signing. 

At Openroom we are passionate about developing artists and bands! We work hand in hand with the artist in crafting their sound, their image, recording demos and preparing them for the big bad world that is the music industry!

Our team has been involved in every aspect of the industry and can help educate artists on a number of different and confusing topics within the industry, for instance: publishing and royalties, recording contracts, distribution, management and live booking, etc.

Send us a mail and we will arrange a meeting where we can discuss how the Openroom team can help you as an artist, push your career to the next level!

``An artist used to be allowed to make as many mistakes as they needed until someone either said ‘I don't think this will ever go anywhere, we have to drop you,’ or they were handed a platinum record.”

Michael Beinhorn - Producer (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mew, Marilyn Manson)

``Major label A&R is typically looking for bands and musicians that will sell. They're looking at what most music fans are listening to, and trying to find new bands that fit in that category instead of taking risks on new genres. In other words, they’re looking to the market to tell them who to sign.``

Dave Kusek - Sonicbids Blog, 2014